Wednesday, 22 December 2010

10th Street Apartment by Slade Architecture

This 10th Street Apartment by Slade Architecture is an apartment for a couple with two children. The couple had a three-bedroom apartment and bought the one bedroom apartment next door. The woman is a graphic designer and has her office at home. The client wanted to bring as much natural light into the apartment as possible.

We use the two existing load bearing brick walls to define three zones. The adult’s area on the north, the children’s suite on the south and the public/shared spaces in between. Service blocks subdivide in each zone for different functions.

The north and west facing adult suite occupies the area of the newly purchased one bedroom apartment. This contains the master bedroom suite, the home office, a laundry storage area and the guest bathroom. The shower has a translucent wall to allow light into the bathroom from the bedroom. Cabinets on the north side of the bedroom define a walk-in closet area.

The wood paneled central block contains the master bathroom, storage and laundry spaces all of which are accessible through operable wood or glass panels/doors. It also defines a passageway between spaces and contains the bedroom door.

The children’s suite occupies the existing two bedrooms and bathroom of the original apartment. The bathroom block defines the two bedroom areas within the large open zone. Doors allow the spaces to be separated for privacy. A clearstory in the bathroom to allows natural light from the west facing windows into the smaller bedroom area and into the bathroom.

In the central shared space the kitchen block creates functional areas for living, dining and entertainment. A large new opening in the existing brick wall on the north side connects the two apartments and provides a generous entry space. White paint on the brick walls creates a brighter space while keeping the texture of the brick.

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