Thursday, 23 December 2010

2009 Modern Living Room Interior Design by Calligaris

This 2009 modern living room interior design ideas was designed by Calligaris. Designed with beautiful colors choice incorporating large blocks of bold color, patterned accents, and a range of finishes and textures make the living room ideas a tasty visual treat.

Light flows through a number of furniture elements in these 2009 modern living room design inspirations, such as the wonderful transparent red chairs that shine like a sucked sweet. White, creams, neutral colors simply represent modern style in your living room. Modern living room reflects aesthetic sense and style of home owner. The living room tends to have straight lines and provides high comfort level. This room creates a clutter free space in your home.

You can choose wall color that matches with your living room furniture, rugs, wall hangings, picture frames. Bright colors such as red, purple and blues add vibrant and warm ambiance to modern living room while white and creams, some pastel colors add cool ambience.

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