Monday, 20 December 2010

Amazing Bubble House from Anti Lovag

House name: Maison Bulle
Owner: Pier Carden
Architect : Antti Lovag

Text Translation :
I met Mr Council, the project owner in 2003. He dream Living in a house bubble, I dreamed of building one. The agreement was therefore very quickly cordiale one of the main constraints of the project was to conduct a housing allowing Mr Council to receive his friends while maintaining maximum independence during the visit of those.

The party has been taking advantage of the slope to achieve two houses totally independent structurally, functionally and visually. These 2 houses built on different plates are connected by a large hull.

Forming the interim stay, the core of the house, and place for meeting and social life of the dwelling. Particular attention was also given to the design of traffic. The funnels create a true walk intramural, and subvert the spatial perception of habitat: the house appears much larger than its actually.

Forming the interim stay, the core of the house, and place the real work takes place in 2 tranches:
- The first to be completed in June 2007, is the upper part of the project and represents an area of 70 m2,
- The second will be carried out later, and make 55 m2.

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