Monday, 20 December 2010

Annex of the Old Family House

Annex of the Old Family House

Family House Daigo Ishii Architect

Situated in the rural village. This architecture is an annex of the old family house constructed 200 years ago. Located carefully between the existing buildings and finished with thin metal plates usually for the roof in the area and locals use to seeing.

See the black and white interior finishes of this old family house that has a strong gloss and the sense feel of continuity and the difference of atmosphere, The flooring and the line elements such as column are finished with black oil stain, but for the wall and ceiling are finished with white paint. The interior connects to the exterior and become a part of the scenery.

Description :
Location : Akiruno, Tokyo
Architect : Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects
Structure Engineer : Oga Structure Design Office
Equipment Engineer : Akeno Equipment Design Office
Construction : Honma Construction Company
Photo by Koichi Torimura

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