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Augusto Fernández Mas (K+A Diseño) | Aquino House

Aquino House byAugusto Fernández Mas

This single-family residence was designed by Augusto Fernandez Mas and located in Cuernavacas, Morelos, Mexico on a steeped lot in front of federal government lands and aside a river; it entailed a series of building and environmental restrictions. The sloped terrain made retaining walls necessary, as well as a drainage system to channel large amounts of rainwater.

The house is configured by orthogonal shapes and materials such as wood, stone and metal without artificial claddings. It stands with no protagonism against the rich and abundant surroundings.

Aquino House

A series of spatial and comfort requirements led to juxtaposed concepts. The family wished for large open areas that could somehow, blend with the nature around, bluring the lines between “inside” and “outside”. Another request was an isolated studio with room for thousands of books, compact discs and LP’s, which must maintain related with the exterior.

Double heights appear in the living room and the library. Materials remain simple with soft textures: calcareous stones, open pore marbles, tropical woods, steel, glass and concrete. The main intention was for each interior space to face the river or the old amate tree, which is located towards east and has a 30 meter extended foliage that appears to envelop the house.

Aquino House byAugusto Fernández Mas

Architects: Augusto Fernandez Mas (K+A Diseño)
Location: Cuernavacas, Morelos, Mexico
Project year: 2005
Construction year: 2006
Collaborators: Edurne Turcott Unzueta, David Alba
Landscape: Mario de la Garza & Daniel Aguilar
Woodwork: Fernando Acevedo
Structural Engineer: Enrique Garcia
Constructed Area: 490 sqm
Photographs: Fernando Cordero.

Aquino House byAugusto Fernández Mas

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