Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Beach Road 2, A Single Family Residence on Jupiter Island, Florida

This Single Family Residence is one of the best beach residence i ever meet, from the picture shown that the house is really an interesting place to stay for everyone who love the beach atmosphere with all joy we can have there. The house location providing a great views to the wide open space of ocean that giving us a relieve feeling that you will never found in somewhere else.

This Beach Road 2 residence was designed by Scott Hughes & John Umbanhowar Architect with 48,000 sq.ft Site Area and 4,100 sq.ft Built-up Area. The house itself made of three materials ( glass, aluminum boat hull and sand ), they are put together to create shelter. Sand encloses the sleeping area, Aluminum the entertaining space, and glass the contemplative living space.

Aluminum louvers on the west facade filter western light. A lap pool on the roof increases landscaping on the site, shelters swimmers from the ocean breezes and expands views through skylights within the pool floor.

Primary components

* Ceramic fritted glass
* Aluminum louvers
* Stucco
* Italian limestone
* Polycarbonate sheeting
* Onyx
* Bulthaup kitchen

These 3 "boxes" are arranged to take advantage of site orientation:

* The two-storey high ceramic-fritted-glass-box with views to the south;
* The sand box to the north with punched openings for privacy and soft morning light
* The central aluminum box houses the kitchen - designed as a stage set and focus for entertaining guests, and preparation plus eating of meals.

Detail Project Description :

* Project Name: Beach Road 2
* Project Type: Single Family Residence
* Principal Designer/s: Scott Hughes & John Umbanhowar
* Design Team: Scott Hughes, Daniel Huh, Ayako Mizushiro, David Montalba, John Umbanhowar
* Contractor/s: Benchmark Homes, Gary Flynn
* Date of commencement of project: May 2004
* Date of completion of project: November 2005
* Location of site: Jupiter Island, Florida, USA
* Site Area: 48,000 sq.ft.
* Built-up Area: 4,100 sq.ft.
* Text Credit by John Umbanhowar, Courtesy of SH_Arc Scott Hughes Architects
* Photographs Credit by Ken Hayden, Courtesy of SH_Arc Scott Hughes Architects

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