Monday, 20 December 2010

Beautiful Zhongkai Sheshan Villas in Shanghai, China

This Beautiful Zhongkai Sheshan Villa project was designed by Stuart Silk Architects, This nice Villa have a floating in water pavilions that is connected by bridges and its true inspiration is comes from the famous Yu Yuan gardens. To reproduce the peaceful nature of the classical gardens, thick sandblasted glass panels define the boundary around the home.

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Entering through a wall, one beholds the house majestically rising from a large pool of water and reaches it across large stepping stones. A bridge of the Interior serves as the principal circulation and organizing element of the home. The bridge spans water pools located 3 meters below and creates a vertical connection to the lower level. The main stairway appears to float in space.

The parent's bedroom,living room, formal and informal dining rooms, and study are separate pavilions, united by the interior bridge and surrounding water. The pavilions will be clad in sandstone, giving shelter to the quality of the spaces.

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