Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Brasil Arquitetura / Vila Isabella

Vila Isabella / Brasil Arquitetura

Architect: Brasil Arquitetura
Architects: Francisco Fanucci, Marcelo Ferraz, Cícero Ferraz Cruz, Anne Dieterich, Bruno Levi, Gabriel Grinspum, Luciana Dornellas, Pedro Del Guerra
Location: Hanko, Finland
Design Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2007
Finnish Architecture Team: Ville Niiranen and Mikko Kääriäinen
Digital Model: Carlos Arellano
Constructed Area: 330 sqm

For us it is impossible to imagine modern Brazilian architecture without thinking about the strong influence of Finland in the form of the exceptional works of Alvar Aalto. When we consider our architectural origins, or our referential network, we come across structures, spatial concepts, constructional principles, use of materials and relationships with nature and urbanity, shared with Finnish architectural practice.

Brasil Arquitetura |Vila Isabella

Our proposal can be said to want to appear and disappear; it locates itself frankly and resolutely in the territory. At the same time, through its materiality which always keeps in mind the aspect of aging and weathering in the severe Finnish climates, it mimics the forest, camouflaged, yet never withdrawing itself completely.

Vila Isabella

The building displays a personality of its own in between the bleak and untouched nature, without imposing itself onto her. Its integration into the landscape will be orchestrated according to the seasons, to varying light conditions and functional circumstances, and the experience of the materials, colours and structural elements will be transformed.

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