Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Bridge Tea House by Fernando Romero

This is a cool Restaurant and Tea House called Bridge Tea House, designed by Fernando Romero for the JinHua Architecture Park in Jinhua City, Beijing China. Simplicity with complexity: the architect tried to create a simple volume with a structural division into spaces that have each their own identity, accessibility and privacy.

Words from the designer:
"Our concept is based on two fundamental elements in the typological conformation of Chinese gardens: the bridge and the teahouse. Since our site was next to a water pond, we wanted to unify those both typologies into one single structure. Contemplation of the environment was the main goal. To achieve an intimate relationship with nature, the continuous concrete structure contains several micro-ambiances platforms that allow each group of users to have a different experience while enjoying a cup of tea.The division between the different individual 'cells' is at the same time the structural maze that allows the pavilion to span over the pond."

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