Wednesday, 22 December 2010

CASA XS, Holiday House in the forest of Mar Azul - Argentina

Mar Azul is a seaside resort 400 miles south of Buenos Aires, with an extensive beach of dunes and lush virgin forest of conifers. The land which forms part of the forest has the particularity of being very narrow and long and having a surface slope almost 5 meters before the bottom line. From that point, the dune has a sharp depression of low vegetation cover (acacia), but no pines. So looking from the lot toward the area, the conifers of the land was clear cut in this very special evening when the sun falls and goes horizontal into the trees. This singularity makes it undoubtedly the most privileged view.

Consistent with the aesthetic constructive solution proposed by the study for other summer houses in the area, customers only have conditioned the project from the surface to build the house could not exceed 50m2 including with Half and should make provision for growth in a bedroom in a second stage to be determined over time.

Being able to experience in functional and aesthetic issues in the constructive atmosphere, including the maritime forest with other works recently built and have obtained very satisfactory results, in response to the opportunity, putting emphasis on improving the system and tested their resolve adaptation to this program at least a narrow lot with a house edge on its right side and a large property, by lot, on the other.

The search for alternatives should, as in other experiences, but few remain insurmountable constraints: basically have very low impact on the landscape, which is adjusted to a low budget, that his post was almost zero maintenance and the time construction is shortened and that every effort would follow at a distance.

Entering through the "disproportionate" to a small gate next to the hall to the bathroom and cooking divide the prism into two distinct functions: the bedroom and dining. The latter environment continues expansion as a deck covered by a generous visor to the bottom and found a deck for al fresco dining on the left side, near the kitchen area.

Location: Mar Azul, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Architect: Maria Victoria BesonĂ­as, Guillermo de Almeida, Luciano Kruk
Architect Homepage:
Land area: 475 m2
Floor area: 52 m2
Year built: 2007

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