Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Center for Dentistry Hamburg | J. Mayer H. Architects

Center for Dentistry Hamburg mayer architect

J Mayer H Architects projected the Center for Dentistry situated in the downtown area of hamburg, germany. The center is made up of free standing core elements divide the open space into different programmatic zones. these elements include independent workstations, an x-ray room and other different medical facilities. one rotating element next to the waiting area transforms a closed examination room into a stage for a medical auditorium. sloped tops of the cores contain indirect lighting with integrated luminous ceilings.

mayer architect center dentistry hamburg

The space is divided by plasterboard forms in blue and brown, and furnished with polyurethane foam chairs. A wall that divides the waiting area from one of the examination rooms can be rotated out of the way, allowing the space to be used as a medical auditorium.

center dentistry hamburg germany

Center for Dentistry Hamburg

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