Thursday, 23 December 2010

CF Residence, by Thiago Bernardes and Paulo Jacobsen

Thiago Bernardes and Paulo Jacobsen have designed this ultra modern CF residence for their client, Carlos Firme. The house features 4 bedroom layout with en-suite bathrooms and the entire ground floor dedicated to the pool, dining and entertaining. As you enter the residence through its large dark wood doors, the bedrooms act as blinkers, focusing the view out to the water beyond. The thin steel structure and stretched horizontal roofline give it the appearance of a lightweight marque or stretched canvas roof. This modern and luxurious CF Residence will provide a great weekend spot for years to come.

Located on a plot in the picturesque condominium Portogalo in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Paulo Jacobsen and Thiago Bernardes wanted to accommodate a large family retreat taking full advantage of the plot and its location. The challenge was how to minimise the buildings impact from roadside - difficult with such a large house.

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