Monday, 20 December 2010

Cliff Dwelling House by OSLA ARCHITECT

Another OSLA ARCHITECT DESIGN that called Cliff Wdelling House

The site of the new home for customer childhood home, located on the water in Gig Harbor. Through a process of mitigation, customers were able to cut into a 25-foot high cliff and build a new house in the cliff and directly on the waterfront.

The structure was built with materials that age gracefully and require little maintenance, as a sod roof, copper trim, cedar siding, and concrete.

The new work consists of a 2000-square-foot residence and a 800-square-foot boathouse, with a living space outdoors between the two. This compound is connected directly to a private dock, the owner access to the collection of vessels.
The interior view of Cliff House Design with wood material application on every room area.

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