Monday, 20 December 2010

Cool Anna Demeulemeester Green Shop by Mass Studies

Hi everyone, here i just startin a new posting again after severals day i didn't updated this blog coz mybusyness on doin some animation project, lest get started....

This is not a house design, but i really love it when first time i see, its cool shop design for Ann Demeulemeester Shop that located at Seoul’s Gangnam district, Korea.This cool Green Shop have a vertical garden (Pachysandra terminalis) that create relationship between natural/artificial and interior/exterior as an amalgamation, rather than a confrontation. Designed by korean architects : Minsuk Cho, Kisu Park at Mass Studies.

See the image above that shown the interior design of Ann Demeulemeester Shop that located at first floor, The Restourant is located above the shop and a Multi-Shop in the basement.

Here is the Project Description :
Location: 650-14, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Site Area: 377.60
Gross Floor Area: 220.66
Total Floor Area: 734.33
Building-to-Land Ratio: 58.44%
Floor Area Ratio: 119.76%
Building Scope: 3F, B1
Structure: RC
Finishing: vertical garden (Pachysandra terminalis), exposed color concrete
Design Period: Jauary 2007–May 2007
Construction Period: April 2007–October 2007
Architects: Minsuk Cho, Kisu Park
Design Team : Mass Studies

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