Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ebeling House by Archifactory

This Ebeling House is a Residential Project that was designed by Archifactory.de for their client Sabine Ebeling, the project is located in Dortmund, Germany with a 215 square metre site area and 433 square metre built-up area. The project commencement date is at 2000 and completed at 2001, this '40s single-family house cost 217.000 € for its construction.

Text from the architect :

"In a Southern suburb of Dortmund, a '40s single-family house with pitched roof is expanded by adding a supplementary apartment. This extension, situated along the street, looks like a sculptural moulded wood block, like a prototype."

"The design depicts the house as both an object and residential building. Solid wood planks are for the outer walls to form a continuous unit. Roof eaves, drains, chimney or canopy have been abandoned."

"The windows and doors are set flush with the outside wall and positioned according to the requirements of the inside. The house looks like a minimalist volume, compact and heavy, from which the interior has been peeled out and covered on the outside with surfaces of various materials that in their form and arrangement inspire an incomparable observation."

"The ground and the gallery floor form a flowing unit with separate zones for living, dining, kitchen and working, all connected to the living-area that is over two floors high. The continuous dark terrazzo floor and an open staircase, fitted in like a sculpture, also stress this unit. The orientation towards the garden varies in the uppermost floor. "

Here (at the uppermost floor) is a roof terrace, encircled on all three sides from wooden walls, a completely cut off refuge, that centres the privacy of the house and enables a dialog with the sky.

In the interaction of lightness and gravity, the measure and the appearance separate the house from the neighbouring houses. This is what its specific object quality is based upon.

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