Wednesday, 22 December 2010

European Furniture Style at

temahome atlas domino

Looking for a modern inspirational european furniture to purchase online? If you are looking such as this nice item for filling your home with a nice european furniture design, then you should check out Let me give you an idea about this online store. Temahome is a European design furniture manufacturer with very eco friendly for their product and in fact they are members of the EU’s green dot society. So, this is the first time they are going to sell or start retail operation online and you can try to visit their brand new european furniture products in their webstore at and browse some of their great product that suit with your need.

temahome tundra dining room

They offer contemporary/ modern furniture design and are divided into 3 categories: Essence (Basic everyday furniture), Style (Detail oriented, hype design) and Trends (Exclusive, limited edition articles signed by renowned Portuguese designers). The products are made in Portugal where experts are located. See their product such as a beautiful inspirational aurora bedroom below that have a pure design pedigree and combine strong aesthetics with essential practicality. Its smooth modern lines serve urban spaces well but also match larger rooms with the addition of complementary elements such as the shell rotative shelving.

Temahome Aurora bedroom

Aurora bedroom
originally upload by temahome
- Designed by Temahome, Ricardo Marçal -

So try to decorate your homes with these imported and exceptional designer furniture. Check out the website and start browsing. Start filling you shopping cart! Enjoy shopping!

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