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Felipe Assadi Residential Project on 20 x 20 House

20 x 20 House

20 x 20 House

Another Felipe Assadi residential project for guest house and a house of games to give support to the main house that was also designed by Felipe Assadi located in Calera de Tango, Chile "Schmitz Country House".

The home program consists of two bedrooms each one with bathroom, one kitchen or bar and a visits bathroom, plus a living area that should include a pool table and a games table and should have a maximum area of 100 square metres. This house is also called 20 x 20 House.>

The land, a 4.5 hectares tenement, serves to grow fruits where its irrigation arrangement, by means of transversal channels, turns it into a highly floodable area. For this reason, this condition was beneficial to raise the house over piles at 80 cm height over the natural land, decision that adjusts to the main house (which was also raised for the same reasons).

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Felipe Assadi Residential Project

The house only needs minimum maintenances. This is because of an application of the materials products that is aplied to this house such as for the wall that is very easy to clean. Both land and climate should not degrade finishing.

An additional request was to have a project that would be part of the landscape, without really affecting the view from the main house towards the plantations. That is why the option was a glass volume through which it was possible to follow the trees, while the house was not in use. For the remaining walls, the choice was a black colour that is easily absorbed within its context. So nature and time were left in charge of limiting the space contained bythis crystal box.

Felipe Assadi Residential Project

The process continued by choosing the siding: 20 x 20 ceramic. This choice placed three restrictions: First, the complete house had to be divided into 20 cm. perfect modules. Secondly, all the precincts, windows, furniture, lighting, etc, would be referred to a 20 x 20 construction that would work as a master plan, both inside and outside the house. Finally, the house should have a square ground plan. This later condition, because it deals with an exercise that partially operates under the concept of space diagramming and its aftermath the direct reference to the material proportions.

Since it deals with a guests house, practically limits to a couple of hours in the afternoon, of course during the night. For this reason, the dormitories were arranged towards east, so the guests - Swedish relatives of the owners - could see the Andes Mountain range in the dawn, time of the day when it is visible during most of the year's days in this zone. At the centre was placed the games room and to the west, protected by a one-metre thick blind wall, the outdoors dining room, in a yard that crosses the full volume from South to North, direction of the predominant winds that air the house in summer. Due to the lack of area, the kitchen, bar and visits bathroom were arranged in a core that forms a wall -furniture that additionally splits the dormitories from the living room.

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