Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Five Frames House by NKS Architects

Five Frames House Japan

Five Frames House by NKS Architects is a house situated at the hilly residential area for the family of four persons. It was planed as the single story house with the relaxing and warm atmosphere. The site is raised about 1 meter higher than the street level, where the parking is situated at. The periphery zone of the building is lifted up by the 5 independent concrete frames.

The steel beams hanged from the concrete are building up the simple rectangular shape, which support the floating part stiffly. As the living room is sit at the center of the building, the bedrooms, kitchen and dining room are in the periphery zone.

5_frames_house_japan5 frames house japan

The living room with higher ceiling and lower floor is the space for gathering and the circulation. Although the concrete frames could be recognized as the boundary, they do not separate the rooms completely because of the transparent glass near the ceiling. Frames create certain privacy and certain distance, in the continuously flowing space.

The frames sticking up from the roof introduce not only the effective sunlight but also the windows to the sky. The spaces surrounded by glass work as buffer zones between exterior and interior, which control the thermal-environment. In the lower part of the frames, there are service functions like storages, entrance, toilette, and air-conditioning facilities. As the building is single story, exterior walls are very close to the boundary.

Several small windows are perforated on the walls for the ventilation and privacy reason instead of having the wide openings. Although the building has rather quiet image from outside, there are open and bright spaces inside.

japanese house bathroomjapanese house bathroom

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