Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fordice Residence by OPA Design

Fordice Residence

This Fordice Residence was designed by OPA Design for their client who wanted to add two bedrooms and a garage to their existing ranch. They wanted to preserve the existing kitchen and master bedroom suite which they had recently remoldeled. They asked that a curve of some sort be integrated into the design and that the addition not look tacked on, so the challenge was to transform and integrate the existing with the new.

Fordice Residence 2nd floor by OPA Design

The solution was a two story addition with a curved roof; a large two car garage below with a new master suite and guest bed and bath above. Much of the existing ranch remained intact. A portion of the existing roof was removed and covered with a taller curved roof, transforming the dimly lit and low ceilinged dining area into a bright double height space suitable for entertaining large groups of friends.

Fordice Residence by OPA DesignFordice Residence Balcony by OPA Design

The new structure and the existing imitation stone siding were covered with Milestone, a plaster like product, and cement board panels. The existing hip roof was changed to a gable then covered with a metal roof.

Fordice Residence Back by OPA Design

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