Monday, 20 December 2010

Glass Hose Design from House of The Future

What would it be the Shape and design of House for the Future....??? A Glass House Design Concept..??? This might be one of the solution for Future House Deisgn.

The basis of the Glass House was to design an environmentally responsive, ultra-low energy living space incorporating state-of-the-art material technologies.

The nanotechnology Design Concept that can be :
1. Enhance our lifestyle;
2. Improve natural lighting, thermal and acoustic performance of buildings;
3.Result in lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of buildings.

Some current Nanotechnologies and their applications include:
  • smart materials
  • nanopowders
  • carbon nanotechologies
  • molecular electronics

The Glass House will demonstrate recent advances in glass technology and engineering by Pilkington and G.James to show :

• Spectrally-selective qualities,
• Improved thermal performance, &
• Self cleaning attributes of glass.

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