Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Great View to Heavens at Keenan Towerhouse | Marlonblackwell Architect

Located on 57 Acres within the City Limits, This Keenan Towerhouse gives you a great views to heavens and an open skycourt, a wide open space of landscapes can be seen 360 degree thru this 80' high residential office tower. Designed by Marlonblackwell Architect

The Building structure of this Keenan Towerhouse is using the steel frame structure thas is clad with milled 2x6 white oak fins and 22 gauge white horizontal ribbed steel panels. A steel stairway winds up through a 50' high courtyard. The rooms consist of living/sleeping room, bathroom, kitchenette, and storage/mechanical room.

Marlon Blackwell architect
100 West Center Street, Suite 001
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

phone: 479.973.9121
email: info@marlonblackwell.com.

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