Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Guide to Choosing Prefab Buildings

Steel buildings, modular buildings, mobile offices - what do you need? The differences between these major types of prefab buildings are important but can be confusing - and in some cases, their uses overlap. Here's a quick guide to help you sort out which type you need. If you need a permanent structure, you'll be choosing between steel buildings and modular buildings. Both are "alternative" construction methods, as opposed to traditional ground-up construction.

Steel Building :
Common examples: Warehouses, airplane hangars, barns, dry storage, church halls, sports arenas, garages
Construction: Pieces fabricated in factory, assembled on-site
Primary advantage: Cost per square foot, capable of enclosing large open spaces
Cost: $16 to $40 per square foot - commonly $20 to $30

Modular Buildings :
Common examples: Medical labs, classrooms, offices, retail stores, government offices, dormitories
Construction: Almost completely built in factory, just installed
Primary advantage: More traditional appearance, flexibility
Cost: $35 to $100 per square foot - commonly $50 to $65

Office Trailers
Common examples: Construction, temporary office space
Construction: Pre-built, minimal installation
Primary advantage: Least expensive, commonly available through leases
Cost: $100 to $500 per month rental fees; $20,000 and up to purchase.

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