Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Home Buying Guide

Home Buying Guide

Home Buying GuideHome Buying Guide : 7-Step Guide for Buying Your Home

Step 1: Analyzing the Number
Analyzing the Numbers Affordability Analysis, Tax Benefits, Credit Reports, Finance Guides ...

Step 2: Finding a Home
Home Styles, Location, Home Search, Agent Search, Location Guides ...

Step 3: Making the Offer
Home Inspection, Contract Negotiations, The Offer, Contract Guides ...

Step 4: Understanding Cost
Understanding Escrow, PMI, Taxes, Estimating Monthly Payments ...

Step 5: Pick Your Mortgage
The guide will link you to our companion site for information: PickMyMortgage.com
• ABCs of Mortgage Loans,
• Steps in Picking Your Mortgage
• Mortgage Loan Types
• Rates
• Apply Online

Step 6: Qualifying for a Loan
Debt Ratios, Rate Locks, Loan Product Comparisons, Submission Guides ...

Step 7: Closing / Settlement
Closing Costs, Settlement Steps, Closing Guides, HUD-1 Settlement Statement ...

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