Tuesday, 21 December 2010

House in Romeirao, Portugal by Arx Architects

Great residential project by ARX Portugal that is locaed in Romeirão, Portugal. The house is facing south over the valley, furrowed by a small river and a mountain in the background.

The House has a distinctly rural, small plantations, orchards and paths bordered by rudimentary stone walls, and occasionally houses, scattered throughout the landscape. It is a steep slope overlooking the southern valley, crossed a small river and a mountain in the background. While the top half of the site is steep, half below is staggered.

In the transition love between two references become clear points inception of the project: a walnut and a pond of water. The first visits to the site suggested a volume lying on the slope, facing access and protecting the home of neighbors, opening the interior view overlooking the valley. The natural beauty of the site guided the project.

The house takes place in an intimate relationship with the soil, penetrándolo with increasing slope and eventually becoming part of the mountain where one can change, then moves while low, reappearing in the slope.

Project : House for Romeirão
Architects : ARX PORTUGAL, Lda Architects - Jose Mateus and Nuno Mateus
Location : Romeirão Ericeira, Portugal
Project : Construction 2001-02: 2002-03 built Surface: 340m2
Team : Paulo Rocha, Marco Roque Antunes, Susana Ferreira
Landscape : Rosário Salema
Structure : SAFRE, Projectos e Estudos de Engenharia Lda.
Photographs : FG + GS - Photographs of Architecture - Fernando Guerra, Sergio War.

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