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House TN by Miyahara Architect Office

House TN by Miyahara Architect Office4

House TN by Miyahara Architect Office :

:: Project Name: House TN
:: Location of Site: Kawasaki Kanagawa Japan
:: Design Team: Miyahara Architect Office
:: Project Type: Single Family Housing
:: Client: Private
:: Site Area: 89.42sqm
:: Built-up Area: 160 sq.m
:: Date of completion: February 2006

House TN by Miyahara Architect Office5

The client required two individual houses for two families and the DEN space for someone.

House TN is a residence that stands along the Tama River in western Tokyo. It was designed for two sisters and their respective families. Though the sisters may be close, they do have separate families and separate lives, and so living together is another matter. When designing this house, it was necessary to rethink the relationship of families and houses in an urban environment.

House TN by Miyahara Architect Office7

The road in front of the site is extremely busy with a regular flow of trucks and other vehicles, and there are no satisfactory pedestrian pavements. Therefore, the site has its drawbacks including the tremor and exhaust emissions from the traffic. Even so, the families had chosen this place to build a house because it offers a marvelous view of Tama River.

House TN by Miyahara Architect Office6

Meanwhile, the many factories and warehouses in the neighbourhood are also an integral part of the local identity. For this reason, the exterior walls of House TN are made of material which is mainly for factories and warehouses, and zinc-coated corrugated and perforated steel sheets which are usually for civil engineering are use for the front of the building facing the road.

These materials give off a slightly cold and metallic impression under the sun, but at night, the corrugated and perforated sheets disappear and the warmth of the rooms seeps out into the night air. The house may almost look like a factory by day but is a warm residence by night.

House TN by Miyahara Architect Office2House TN by Miyahara Architect Office3

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