Tuesday, 21 December 2010

La Isle House by Juan Carlos Doblado

This La Isla House explores the possibilities of dilatation of architectural space. Designed by Juan Carlos Doblado, this house is located in Asia, Peru, has 144 m2 site area, 285.70 m2 Build up area and cost US$ 90,000 for its construction.

From the outside, its form can be seen as the juxtaposition of two volumes. The lower one holds the bedrooms and the family room, while the upper one, a suspended box, contains the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the terrace, all of which are held together in an open plan from which the main bedroom can view the sea.

The staircase as a bind between the middle levels, articulating the different spaces in the house. The fenestrations on the lower volume answer to the visuals being demanded by each space. The upper level, contrastingly massive, has had two large portions of its bulk removed, creating a solarium and a terrace.

Text, Courtesy of Juan Carlos Doblado.
Photographs by Alex Kornhuber, Courtesy of Juan Carlos Doblado.

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