Thursday, 23 December 2010

McBride’s Experimental House Design in Hawthorn

This Experimental house design in Hawthorn is created by Australian house design company which mostly specialize in experimental designs, McBride Charles Ryan. This house is a sphere shaped house design created without unnecessary parts. By selectively removing parts of the sphere, there is the sense internally of being in and surrounded by garden. The spherical shell also provides beautiful internal spaces on the first floor.

The interior in contrast to the exterior mostly has linear forms which sometimes look as puzzle components. Not just forms but colors and used materials gives an impression of not carefully gathered puzzle. Although such mixes doesn’t take away the house comfort. The house is also using a lot of “green technologies”.

Rainwater is collected from the copper clad roof by concealed gutters and is stored in rainwater tanks installed under the south desk. The dome house also utilizes solar hot water, a drip garden watering system and double glazing to maximize energy efficiency. These simple sustainable elements have been integrated into the home so as to have minimal aesthetic impact.

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