Thursday, 23 December 2010

Micro House Japan Floor Plan

This japanese micro house plan is the The Showa-cho House located in Osaka, Japan in small limited space on 59 x 13 foot lot. Designed by Architect Fujiwara Muro, this micro house japan floor plan divides the area in public space and private space without using wall, the architects create a great solution in making a space transition between those private and public space by splitting the house in half with minimalist staircase.
This japanese micro house facade was created in transparent way using glass wall to floods the interior with natural daylight lighting in a simple modern interior touch. Set in a tightly-planned neighborhood in Osaka, the home makes the most of a limited lot. The face of the home is a fully glazed to maximize daylighting, and it’s set deep into the lot for privacy and to control heat gain in the summer.

The living space has two-story floor-to-ceiling windows, which makes the limited floor area seem much more generous. The centerpiece of the home is an elegantly ascending open staircase. The layout provides central access to the verticality of the floor plan but still allows for view corridors from front to back — a smart strategy to keep the home from feeling claustrophobic.
The home’s vertical program balances public and private spaces while providing the interior spaces with plenty of natural light. Centrally-located skylights work with the home’s open, airy floor plan to allow daylight to penetrate down to the bottom floor. The kitchen and dining area is a sublime integrated space that is enhanced by contrasting finishes. The bath features a full-height mirror that enhances its visual size and functionality. The sink and counter seem to hover in the middle of the space as a result.

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