Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Modular Office Furniture System

An office furniture system

Looking for an office furniture system that can enabling theusers to work together in a team, to enjoy dining together or to organize various activities of everyday life ..? This office furniture system could be the answer. This office furniture system has a flexible system and can be adapted to different requirements in workspaces or private areas. All elements can be combined modularly; tables can be placed as extension elements or freestanding, and cabinet elements can be modularly combined with doors, drawers or top pieces in various design types. With movable wall elements, workspaces can be divided according to individual requirements. As such, conference rooms can be flexibly arranged right next to single office spaces. This office furniture system was designed by Aksusuardi Studio and Manufactured by Nurus.

An office furniture system by Aksusuardi Studio

The bright coloring of this product line contributes to a modern stylistic ambience, which adds zest to everyday life. Details in the design like slim silver-coloured table legs or embedded silver strips indicate high-grade workmanship and additionally set effective accents.

An office furniture system by Aksusuardi Studio

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