Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Olivomare Restaurant by Pierluigi Piu

Olivomare Restaurant is one of a handful of restaurants encompassed by the London brand Olivo. Each restaurant offers a unique menu, and Olivomare offers a premiere seafood-only based selection of foods. The decor is meant to reflect the elegant simplicity of the dishes being prepared. Designed by italian designer Pierluigi Piu, this beautiful contemporary white decor Olivomare Restaurant is located in London’s Belgravia district.

When you are entering the dining area, you’re presented with a large wall clad in an M.C. Escher inspired pattern of neverending fish, an obvious nod to the fact that the restaurant serves seafood. The references to ocean life continue with lighting overhead that is diffused by a thin nylon net, which appears to be luminescent tentacles, evoking a stray shoal of jellyfishes or sea anemones.

There is also a room divider which looks like an enlarged fishing net, and a small dining room at the back clad in a wavy relief meant to evoke the sandy surface of the beach when moulded by the wind. Finally, a trip to the washrooms involves entering into a surrounding of red branches from a coral reef.

From the architect, Pierluigi Piu:

“OLIVOMARE is the last born belonging to the well known London brand OLIVO, and is a restaurant serving seafood. Apart from his name, such peculiarity is highlighted by the formal and decorative language adopted here to focus on its aspect using more or less clear references to the sea world and environment.

The most explicit among them undoubtedly is the wide wall that characterizes the main dining room, entirely covered by a large cladding featuring a pattern inspired by the works of the visionary artist Maurits Escher, in which each single portion of colour is laser cut out of a sheet of opaque laminated plastic and juxtaposed on the vertical surface exactly as if it was a huge jigsaw puzzle.

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