Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Openleaks website, Secret documents published by the former employee Daniel Wikileaks'in Domscheit-Berg, said that the rival site, on the road.

SVT'ye interview with Swedish broadcaster Wikileaks spokesman Domscheit-old Berg, of the secret documents that shed a competing site in action plans, indicating the site, anonymous sources said it would help to deliver sensitive information to the media.

Domscheit-Berg, "Openleaks" from the name of the site, anonymous sources "outlet" to express such work, take part in the project said the former employees of Wikileaks.

Wikileaks interview with the founder of the Julian Assange'ı Domscheit-Berg also criticized, because of lack of transparency in decision-making process said that he had to leave Wikileaks'den.

Openleaks, Wikileaks his opponent pulled out from within

Very close over a period of one informant on the Internet site Wikileaks will be. Wikileaks'in former employees, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Openleaks give the name of the publication on Monday announced its new site. The purpose of the site will be available again, unnamed sources, the public's attention from the sensitive material.

Swedish television documentary which will be published on Sunday SVT'de Wikileaks spokesman Domscheit-old Berg said the new site to be used as a channel for anonymous sources.

Domscheit-Berg, Berlin, in an interview, "Openleaks üşüncü be able to accept material from unnamed sources, a service provider for individuals intended to be a technology project," he said.

Wikileaks headlines last spring, the international press since the fall, similar sites açılmayacağı discussed on and off.

Domscheit-Berg, currently writing a book about the days spent in Wikileaks'te. Jesper Huor SVT reporter, Openleaks'in sokulacağını into one center in Germany, said on Monday. Site managed by a board of trustees, will be part of a foundation yet unexplained.


The new site is also the founder of Wikileaks and 39-year-old Julian Assange came at a time when increasing the pressure on.

Wikileaks'te worked most of the time period under the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt, acting Domscheit-Berg, the group describes as a lack of transparency in decision-making processes in case of disagreement Assange'la left the organization to live.


Domscheit-Berg, the documentary "If anyone would like to be transparent, must be transparent yourself. Must comply with the standards you expect from others yourself. I think we started to have a distinction at this point in the philosophical, "he said.

Domscheit-Berg, the real problem in Iraq or Afghanistan Wikileaks'in aldığıyla about how to handle documents, such as the extensive leaks, he said.

Too much to express the source leaked Domscheit-Berg, "I think the most logical thing to be done slowly, step by step to make the project grow. There is such a thing, "he said.
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