Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pixel House - Korea Modern Architecture - Mass Studies

Pixel House by Mass Studies

This modern korean architecture homes design "Pixel House" is designed by Mass Studies for a young family in Paju City, Kyonggido, Korea. The Pixel House has unique facade that comes together one brick at a time, each brick representing a pixel as part of a whole image – the picture of innovation in Korean modern architecture.

Pixel House Korea Modern Architecture

The staggered bricks form a curved front face and a three-dimensional profile. Inside, the contemporary design takes the form of its exterior, only with a much more refined, polished finish to the clean walls and cool curves of the space. But apart from its look, this unusual house design continues to surprise with its functions: by day this community center and public space is buzzing with activity of kids, while in the evening hours and on weekends it becomes a private abode. So, back to the question of how many pixels, the answer is 9,675.

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