Monday, 20 December 2010

Prefab House Studio 804 | Modular 4

This Prefab House design was bring to you by Studio 804. Studio 804 is the studio that designing or build program that focused on community based architecture creation at University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design. During this final exercise, the students collaborate to bring a housing design to fruition that provides architectural solutions with an emphasis on affordable homes.

The Modular 4 is one of their prefab house project that was build in 3914 Lloyd St. Kansas City, KS , Its became their most ambitious project to date, Consist of 7 module and have 1500 sqf area that located mere blocks away from the KU medical center, providing tremendous exposure to our work. Its have feature of flexible floor plan anchored by a core of service space that defines the interior, the seven modules are offset in the middle to separate public and private, creating a bold four-foot cantilever on either side of the house.

Modular 4 continues Studio 804’s commitment towards developing responsible architecture through the means of prefabrication, materiality, and sustainability. The continued involvement in the Kansas City, Kansas residential core over the past four years has helped the process of shifting architectural as well as perceptual values towards the city.

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