Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Red Bull Headquarters by Jump Studios

Architect: Jump Studios
Client: Red Bull Company Limited
Structural engineer: Price & Meyers
Contractor: IBEX Interiors
Floor area/size: 1860 m2
Cost: € 3000000,-
Completion: 9-2006

Having completed award-winning projects for clients including Levi’s, Honda, Engine Office, Offspring and Nike, Jump studios were commissioned to design Red Bull’s new headquarters in Soho, London. The interior aims to generate adrenalin and a sense of dynamic excitement, emotions associated with the Red Bull brand and its various activities.

The brief was to amalgamate two separate offices into one central headquarters building which take up the top three floors of an existing 19th century building, including an exterior terrace, which provides spectacular views of London. Employees and visitors arrive by lift into the top-floor public reception and social zone, before descending through the building.

The undeniable associations of hyperactivity and adrenaline-overload with Red Bull energy drinks are exactly what inspired the design of their brand new headquarters located in London's Soho district. Bright colors and dynamic shapes fill the renovated top 3-storeys of an existing 19th century office, posing to encourage cheerful interaction between employees while simultaneously expressing Red Bull's strong brand values.

From ping pong table meeting rooms, floating staircases, a modern bar and cafe, to a comfy lounge area…and a new slick carbon slide in the centre of the office. The top floor acts as a social hub, containing the main reception, bar, cafe, both informal and formal meeting areas, and the main boardroom.

Visitors ascend from street level by elevator and enter via a rooftop reception lobby overlooking London's West End. This dramatic entry sequence is heightened by views down into and through the building.

The Red Bull Headquarters - a nice design by Jump Studio generates adrenalin and fun at work!

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