Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Remodel of Capitol hill House by Blip

Capitol hill House before remodel

Image [before remodelling]

This is an extensive remodel of an existing house by Blip Design, with a new penthouse and roof deck . The stairs were opened up and relocated to the center of the house, allowing natural ventilation throughout (there is no mechanical ventilation). A framework mounted atop the penthouse supports an array of photo-voltaic modules, combined with solar hot water collectors.

Capitol hill House by Blip

Image [after remodelling]

Other ecologically sustainable elements in this project include: wastewater heat-recovery, rainwater harvesting, hydronic radiant floor heat, super-insulated envelope, rain-screen siding. This house appeared in the June 2004 issue of DWELL magazine. It won a 2005 Built Green Design Award.

Environmental Aspects

This project's most visible green feature is the array of photovoltaic panels and solar-hot-water collectors mounted atop the penthouse roof. The PVs can produce 3,200 kWh of electricity per year, and, with the help of assorted energy-saving strategies throughout the house, they provide a significant portion of the owners' energy needs.

Other notable components of the project include: "smart" whole-house systems monitoring, hydronic radiant-floor heating, rainscreen siding, wastewater heat recovery, rainwater collection for reuse, bamboo flooring, and efficient lighting, appliances, and systems.

Owner & Occupancy

* Owned and occupied by Ophir Ronen and Io Salant, Individual(s)
* Typically occupied by 3 people, 128 hours per person per week; and 6 visitors per week, 2 hours per visitor per week.

Building Programs
Indoor Spaces: Living quarters (100%)
Outdoor Spaces: Garden—decorative (40%), Garden—productive (40%), Parking (10%), Pedestrian/non-motorized vehicle path (10%)

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