Thursday, 23 December 2010

Renovation of Ex Sellerie Turin Italy by Giorgio Comoglio

This new completed renovation projectof the Ex Sellerie is designed by Italian architect Giorgio Comoglio. The project is located in the area of the ex military arsenal in Turin, Italy. The task of the project is to increase the original building’s floor area and height. The minimal form of perforated steel envelope has been introduced to integrate the existing building into one, and also not to interfere with the surrounding buildings.

from the architects Giorgio Comoglio :

"We opted to install a curtain of perforated sheet metal in copper-zinc-titanium alloy attached independently on the facade. This skin was meant to wrap the building like an ambiguous veil that conceals the complexity and architectural disorder determined by the previous structure, transforming the pitched roof into a series of homogeneous volumes superimposed. The building is wrapped in a new shell that filters the view of the city with different transparencies."

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