Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Romero House by At103

Romero House

Romero house is a residential project designed by at103 / Julio Amezcua + Francisco Pardo for a 4 members family located in Queretaro, Mexico. At103 was founded with the clear intention to investigate and create new techniques for architecture in the contemporary city, a multidisciplinary group shares a need for integration among the capacities of logistics and the multiplicity of knowledge.

Romero House 2

The 'romero house' design is developed out of an existing foundation, from which it was necessary to define clarity on the volumes that constitute tshe house, considering the use of materials and the program that each box contains. The stone box is the hermetic one; it contains the principal bathroom and services areas such as: storage, maid’s room and garage.

Romero House

The wooden box contains all public areas living room, dining room, studio, bar, kitchen, tv room, visits and kids rooms. Access is through the void generated in between this 2, connecting directly to the living room, a double height space where the main stairs and the linking bridge between the boxes are located.

Romero House 4

A metallic structure was proposed for the need of fast construction and lightness over the existing foundation, prefabricated materials were used and based on its modulation they were perforated to generate the visual relation in-between interior and exterior.

Romero House3

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