Monday, 20 December 2010

Schmitz Country House Design by Felipe Assadi Architect, Calera Tango, Chile

Nice country house located in Calera Tango, Santiago, Chile is the house project for a marriage with no children that was done by Felipe Assadi Architects at a 4.5 Ha land area.

Calera Tango is a commune located one hour from the capital. It is located in an intermediate situation between the Andes Mountains and the Coastal Range, from which one can see both limits with great clarity throughout the year. This country house consist of great Living room, dinning room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, sauna, swimming pool and basement area.

Some areas of the body that are structural glazing were covered with Larch wood, a tree native aging with bright silver.

The "glass house" effects from ths house is technically exceeds using thermo-pane glass (glass couple) with a green dye, which filters out ultraviolet rays that create the greenhouse effect. As a run of folding windows at the top around the perimeter of the house, which develops a ventilation flush skies, which eliminates the potential layers of heat inside the compound.

The site of 4.5 ha is completely planted with fruit trees on a medium-size plot of 4 x 4 meters, perfectly geared to the cardinal points. Each tree is presented with a trunk of approximately one meter and foliage that occupies the following 2.5 metres.

The land at its east west direction has a slight slope of no more than 2% of which are irrigation canals, which would be a highly flooded area. The proportion of the trees in terms of its trunk and folia

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