Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sea Ranch Residence California by TGH Architects

Sea Ranch Residence California

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects have designed this cool wooden house residence that they called The Sea Ranch Residence. The house is designed in 1,030 square larger landscapes situated in The Sea Ranch on an infill lot, California.

This residential architecture design is inspired by Japanese simplicity and almost entirely made of wood. It moving from the contained space of the hedge row to the open space of the meadow. This design looks exotic with has a continuous band of windows and doors capture stunning views and the natural light and it shows so simple from the outside and in. Overall, this wooden house can give the comfortable way to live and also very quiet condition for the resident who live in.

Via : Sea Ranch Residence

The materials reveal to the steel and framing of the wood window wall. The white painted walls form the major walls and by reserving the exposed wood and steel construction for the shaped walls and bays we could use the detailing to further reinforce the overall site and spatial experience of moving from hedgerow to meadow.

From the garden, the entry of the main house opens through a bar of support spaces and steps up into a narrow section of the open space, covered by the broad barn roof shape that is sloping up. This large volume is carved away to shape an exterior octagonal deck that draws the open meadow into the center of the house. Grass planted header steps spill down from the deck out into the meadow. A continuous band of windows and doors follows the cutout to capture the distant diagonal views of the coastline. The simple form of the barn is made spatially more complex by eroding the form.

William Turnbull, Jr. first received international attention in the 1960’s as a principal of Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker (MLTW), designers of the celebrated Condominium I and Athletic Club I at Sea Ranch, an ecologically sensitive Northern California vacation community.

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