Monday, 20 December 2010

Several House Design Concept By Akihisa Hirata's

Here is several House design collection from Japanese Architect, Akihisa Hirata that stored his works at " Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office "

1. This project house called House H, i don't know why he is calling the House as a House H, maybe you can see the clue from the image below.

2. This is a house concept that called House T, the sketch and idea is very simple, maybe even my lil nephew can draw it much more better :) , every person in the house get their own roof or shelter, i dunno if it applicable in real world.., see the joint roof at the middle of house design, where will the water flow..?? but the architect has his original idea and should have the solution for it..., Its so great and very original design i think.

3. The House S is another great work from Akihisa Hirata's, the concept is simple, from straight line, then it divide and split in several way at the bottom so it becomes and can create some room to be living under its shelter.

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