Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Single Family House " Casa Becerril" by Gracia Studio

This is a single family house " Casa Becerril", located in Tijuana and designed by Gracia Studio, An architecture studio that provide highly efficient and esthetic architectural solution, by incorporating and experimenting with the wide variety of materials and structural solutions possible. Founded in 2005 by mexican architect Jorge Garcia and Javier Gracia.

This Casa Becerril project was completed in December 2006 with 3.300 square feet site area and 3.300 sqf bulid up area.

Another Key projects by Gracia Studio :

* Casa GA, Tijuana, Mexico, 2004-2005, Single family residence
* Casa Becerril, Tijuana, Mexico, 2006-2007, Single family residence
* Doctores, Tijuana, Mexico, 2005-2006, Single family residence
* Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico 2007 present, Single family residence
* Canon House, San Diego, USA, present, Single family residence
* Culinary Art School., Tijuana, Mexico, present
* 35m2, Tijuana, Mexico, present, loft
* The Park, Baja Malibu, Mexico, 2006-2007, residential development
* Waterfalls, Baja Malibu, Mexico, present, residential development.

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