Monday, 20 December 2010

"Barier" | Soccer ball-shaped House by Japanese Designer

Have you ever see this cool house design before..?? yup this is a Soccer ball-shaped House which also called " Barier " by the Japanese designer. Availabe with several selection module from L,M size, S,S2 size to 3S,3SL size that will fits with your unique shop, Kitchen, toilet, bathroom, kids room, your private office, or your second homes.

Its a nice house concept that have a strong / compact design dealing with disaster ( earthquake or flood ), easy to move ( movable design ), multi-functional, playful space and lot more of great advantages that you will get from this nice Soccer ball-shaped House. This cool barier is also available for miniature size that will be a great barier house for your lovely pet ( your dog or cat ) with variation size from small to large one.

If you are a great fans of the soccer team from your own country or some great league in europe like Manchester United FC, Real Madrid FC or Ac Milan Fc, then this soccer ball-shaped House should be the best place and the right choice to watch your lovely team plays againts another football teams while you can hang up with your friend watching the game together in this cool barier house, it can be your cool basecamp to store all kind of your football merchandise and all your cool stuff. You can install the windows at the ceiling of this barier house ( see the image ) and get all daylight time at your barier room.

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