Thursday, 23 December 2010

Swedish Libri Bookshelf by Michael Bihain

When reading books is one of your hobbies, having a great place to store your books and arrange it well at your home library or living room space could be an interesting thing to do thanks to this Swedish Libri Bookshelf furniture inspiration from Michael Bihain.
The focal point of this modern minimalist bookshelf is slim and can fit almost all size of books and even you can put a vase to it. This Swedish bookshelf has a width of 38, height of 227 and dept at almost 30. Made out of Ash wood finished in white or black lacquered.
This minimalist bookshelf has adjustable legs which can be adjusted. Simple yet it’s provocative to buy such a great minimalist bookcases designed by Michael Bihain.
Via: Libri Bookshelf
Designer: Michael Bihain

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