Monday, 20 December 2010

The Toilet-Shaped House by Sim Jae-duck

The Toilet-Shaped House has a very unique design, and was built by Sim Jae-duck, president of the organizing committee of the first General Assembly of the World Association of toilet, and he hoped that his house will highlight toilet the need for better sanitation .. The Toilet-Shaped house is Haewoojae name, which in Korean means "a place of refuge where you can solve its problems." Sim Jae duck open what is billed in the world as a single toilet home on November 11, to mark the launch of its World Toilet Association.


Steel, white concrete and glass house, with a symbolic opening in the roof, will be ready to receive visitors next month, said the World Toilet Association, in a statement. The house is a 419sq meters structure with two bedrooms, two bedrooms and other rooms, the two-story house includes three courses luxury toilets. Unlike the giant "toilet" in which they find themselves, they will not be see-through business. If you want to visit this house, you can go to Sim Jae duck Suweon native of the city, 40km south of Seoul.



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