Monday, 20 December 2010

Treehouse of Steven Isaacs and Lisa

This treehouse project that was designed for Steven Isaacs and Lisa Saville residence is an architectural home office that has an environmentally sensitive in design, with no tree cutting during the construction, and each three- to four-bedroom property was built on eight steel piers, or supports, so the building "touched the earth lightly".

This treehouse include eco-smart elements in design such as the application of home's elegant butterfly roof that creates and provides shade, draws in morning light and channels rainwater into 9000-litre water tanks.

"Feels like a treehouse" ... Architects Steven Isaacs and Lisa Saville wanted to disturb no wildlife when building their home, even building around a council protected tree that pierces the rear deck.

Great divide.. A masonry wall, see to the right of the living room, separates the two dwellings. Sculptural alcoves provide exhibition and storage space while a clerestory to the east maximises morning sun.

Photo credit by : Kata Bayer
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