Monday, 20 December 2010

Two buildings, one house | By Griffner Haus

Two buildings, one house
GriffnerHaus Open Space Pult is based on a two-building principle which makes it possible to adapt optimally to the building plot situation. The three pult-roof typologies Box, Symmetric, Asymmetric are applied according to whether the two building parts are the same or different sizes, arranged in line or staggered.

But there are other possible variations: Each house can be built in Singel-Pult or Double-Pult design with opposing roof.

GriffnerHaus architecture modern designs combine a building tradition that is close to nature with latest scientific findings. The GriffnerHaus houses impress by virtue of their spacious internal layout, which enhances the quality of life, combined with highly aesthetic design.

GriffnerHaus Architecture Design“GriffnerHomes always tried to connect inside and outside to create aesthetics in conformity with the natural environment. We understand the house as the third skin of humans, which causes the consistent ecological selection of the building materials.” says Ari Griffner, founder of GriffnerHaus.

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