Thursday, 23 December 2010

Unusual and Unique Upside Down House Design in Poland

Some people try to make a different kind of approach in designing their dream homes such as this cool unusual and unique upside down house design located in Poland in the tiny village of Szymbark and designed by Daniel Czapiewski, a Polish businessman and philanthropist. These upside-down house was took 114 days to build the structure
This unique residential architecture ideas has becomes a tourist magnet with its unusual structure that has took 5 times longer to build than a normal house. Once you are inside, you will feel sea-sick and dizziness as you see all of the structure and interior furniture were arranged in upside-down way. The designer remembers that his workers had to take an hour’s break every three hours while working inside the house because they were feeling disorientated and confused from the strange angles of the walls.

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