Thursday, 23 December 2010

Urban Cottage Design in New York by David Jay Weiner

Architect David Jay Weiner has projected this contemporary urban cottage design located in Stephentown, New York. The weekend cottage look of expansive glazed facades set in a black wood frame is complemented by the cottage unique, irregular shape, which really stands out among its pastoral, grassy meadow surroundings.

Inside, the tall ceilings of this single-storey, open concept house plan, with floor-to-ceiling windows extending the length of the cottage on both sides, bathe interiors in natural light and enhance its sense of spaciousness. Clerestory windows offer additional illumination from above.

Inside, a feeling of relaxation and serenity prevails. In contrast to the black exterior, interiors feature a white palette on ceilings, walls and floors, which is punctuated by the colors of nature visible through the all-encompassing windows. A unique weekend cottage design by architect David Jay Weiner.

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