Thursday, 23 December 2010

Vardas Residence in Paphos | Cyprus by Vardastudi

Vardastudio have designed this modern concrete residential home design of Vardas Residence located in Paphos, Cyrus. Its the architect’s own house which characterized by the purity in materials and forms. The vardas residence was very much influenced by Le Corbusier’s great projects in India. This is a primary use of concrete in it’s purest form. Especially today where everybody tries so hard to achieve a ‘perfect’ concrete, for the architect this stands as a statement to what concrete is all about – real and bold.

The building can be analysed in two volumes on top of each other. The top volume was designed in such a way as to ‘feel’ that is suspended over the other. The movement is straight and clear. The ground floor is occupied by the living, dining and kitchen in an open plan. A light staircase dominates the space. The bedrooms and the more private spaces are placed on the top floor, giving more privacy.

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