Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Walker Architects - Mark's House

This is a great Mark's residence that is located on the western slope of Ngapipi Road looking back towards the city over Hobson Bay, narrow site with dropping contours to the view led to a three level building platform for a four bedroom home with views from all levels across the bay to the city. This beautiful Mark's House was designed by New Zealand Architects "Walker Architects" that have been responsible for a wide range of New Zealand and International projects since 1932.

A Travertine feature wall cuts diagonally through the house to emphasize the site length and anchor the house to the site. The wall begins by forming the front on the garage, continues through the house, extending vertically through all three levels and lines through to the outdoor fire place.

Materials are limited to concrete, stone, timber, glass and copper to provide a clean, uncluttered and low maintenance home, materials that would age well with the house.

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